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Fee Schedule

Fees effective as of Sept 7, 2015 

Part time is considered 3 days or less a week at 10 hours a day or less.
Full time is considered 4-5 days a week at 10 hours a day or less. 
If children attend the Center more than 10 hours a day an additional fee of $4/hour for every hour or part of an hour over 10 hours will be charged.

Age                                                       Full Time                                                              Part Time
Group                                     Weekly               Monthly                                    Weekly             Monthly          Infants                        $210          $823 (4 week month)           $166        $651 (4 week month)
(6 weeks - 18 months)                      $1,029(5 week month)                    $813 (5 week month) 

Toddlers                     $190           $745(4 week month)          $144         $565 (4 week month)
(18 months - 3 years)                              $931(5 week month)                              $706 (5 week month) 

Pre-School                  $184           $721 (4 week month)           $135          $529 (4 week month)
(3 years - 4 years)                                  $902 (5 week month)                              $662(5 week month)(Children must be fully potty-trained to receive 3-year-old tuition decrease) 

Pre-School                   $175          $686 (4 week month)           $131         $514 (4 week month)
(4years -1st Day of Kindergarten)               $858 (5 week month)                             $642(5 week month)

Kindergarten              $155           $608 (4 week month)           $92          $361 (4 week month)          
Half Day or Full Week                             $760 (5 week month)                           $451 (5 week month)

Summer Program       $155                                                 $92

Before & After School = $72/full-time week  or $52/part-time week
No School Day = $31/day 
Early Dismissal = $20/day   

   Traditional Preschool Fee Schedule
Fees effective as of March 8, 2016
4-Year-Old MWF Pre-School  = $115/month or $901 per school year + $50 for registration (one-time fee)
3-Year-Old Tues/Thurs Pre-School  = $90/month or $705 per school year + $50 for registration (one-time fee)
***Rates are reduced according to the child's age (not change of classroom). 
The state requires specific ratios of staff:children according to the age of the youngest child in each group, so we have to charge accordingly.

Payment Policies
Weekly tuition is due the Friday before the week of service.  Full payment for the contracted hours is required every week whether the child attends or not.  This also includes weeks where there is a holiday or center closing during the week.  Monthly tuition is due the last day of the month prior to the month of service to receive the 2% discount. 
Payment = Check or Money Orders Only.  Cash will be accepted for field trips only. 

Sibling discounts: Each additional full time sibling is eligible for a 15% discount off the lower tuition.  To receive this discount payment must be received by the Friday before the week of service and the monthly discount does not apply. 

Additional Fees: $10.00 late payment fee/ $2.00 for every 15 minutes, or part of, past scheduled pick-up time (time you leave the building)/ $50.00 will be charged for checks returned for any reason.  If a check is returned a second time $75 will be charged, and the client will then be required to pay by money order.  No starter checks please! 

When a child is enrolled in our Center the parent/guardian is responsible for paying for his/her child's spot.  Because of this payment is due whether the child attends or not.  A leave of absence may be taken at the director's discretion.  In this case tuition is due for the week your child returns before the leave is taken to hold his/her spot.   

Vacation: One free week will be given per year for vacation. Tuition for the week your child returns must be paid by the Friday before vacation in order to hold your child's space.  Your child's schedule for the week of his/her return is also due before vacation. 

Security System:  Each parent will be given a code to have access to the building during our business hours. 

Holidays: The Center will be closed for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas.  We will close at 3:00 pm on Christmas Eve.  If the holiday falls on a Saturday we will be closed Friday.  If the holiday falls on a Sunday we will be closed Monday.  Tuition remains consistent during these holiday weeks except for the week of Thanksgiving.  All clients will be charged for a part-time week for this week only because we will be closed two days in a row. 

Withdraw:  Please give two weeks notice in writing of withdrawal.  If two weeks is not given the parents/guardians will be charged a two week tuition fee. 

Registration Fee: There is a one-time registration fee of $50 ($25 for each sibling) due upon applying for enrollment.  The registration and deposit are non-refundable. 

If you are on the waiting list and wish to hold your child's spot, please pay the tuition for the first week and the registration fee.  If you are pregnant and would like a position held for your infant we ask that you pay the first month in advance along with the registration fee. 
This fee is non-refundable unless circumstances arise that are beyond your control. 
                 It is up to the Director's discretion whether this fee will be returned or not.    

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