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February 29, 2020 Update

To keep everyone in the loop:  The fire department was called out today as a precaution.  Heat tape from one of the new units caused smoke in the attic again, but there is no need for alarm.  The restoration is still on track and inspections are being completed to ensure the safety of the building before we return. On a positive note, the roof was completed last week.  Drywall was hung in the rooms behind the office that were damaged.  The drop ceilings are currently being installed & the front door is scheduled to be installed next week.  After this is completed the restoration company will be able to work on the flooring & installing cabinetry.

We appreciate your prayers as we continue to work towards returning to the Center as soon as possible!

Troy & Michelle Patterson

January 23, 2020 Update

Several parents have been asking for an update on the progress of the building, so we have decided to add another update to our website...

Last week contracts were signed for the restoration company to continue working on the building.  There was a delay because we were making sure the insurance company was not going to take shortcuts that would jeopardize the safety of the building .  After meeting with several experts to discuss what is best we have come to an agreement that we are comfortable with, and are excited to see things start to fall in place! 

At this point we are waiting for contractors to start repairing the roof trusses.  In the meantime the restoration company is completing the interior demo, so they can start restoration once the roof trusses/roof are replaced.  Working with the insurance company and contractors is going to take time because we want to ensure that things are completed correctly for the safety of all the children we care for.  

Thankfully the temporary locations are working out very well. We continue to be very grateful to the Donegal School District for allowing us to use the rooms in their school buildings, so we can continue to offer the same quality of care we were able to provide at the Center! 

Our Keystone STARS representative came to visit yesterday and she was impressed with the layout of the rooms we are currently using.  She brought us resources and stated that, "the rooms were nicer than some of the STAR 4 Centers she has visited".  

Unfortunately we do not know an exact time frame for returning to the building, and appreciate everyone's patience as we work through this process.  All of us are excited to return to the Center as soon as possible:)

On a side note... the state requires that the children's files be updated every 6 months.  To make sure we are meeting this state regulation we update the files every August and February.  On February 24, 2020 we are asking all parents to come to the Donegal Primary School between 4-7pm to ensure that your child's file is up-to-date.  Please mark your calendar because if files are not updated on this day we will not be able to provide care for your child until the file is updated.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Previous Updates:

Due to the week and a half closure for the fire, we have decided to OPEN for Presidents' day 
instead of being closed for staff training... 

Temporary Phone Number!!
The IT Department at Donegal created a phone line for us to use until we can return to the Center, so we no longer have to use our Trac Phones.  Please call (717) 492-1340 and follow the prompts to reach your child's classroom...

Donations ~ Thank you!!
We are humbled and overwhelmed by the amount of donations we have received from all of you, and cannot thank you enough!  At this time we are asking that donations of toys, etc be held until we are able to return to the Center because we ran out of room at our temporary locations.  We will definitely be in need of supplies again as we prepare to return to the Center.  At that time we will make another list of supplies needed (office equipment, shelving etc).  Thank you so much for your kindness and continued support! 
It means so much to our Kinderhook Family!!

State Inspection
The state came out to inspect our temporary locations on Fri 12/20/19.  They require that we notify parents that our evacuation plan for the temporary locations has been updated.  In the event that we would have to evacuate the Junior High or Primary Schools, the children will be taken to Donegal Senior High School until their parents can pick them up.  Please see link below to view the updated Parent Letter for the Evacuation Plan.  We also will not be permitted to use the climbing equipment on the Primary School Playgrounds.  Department of Human Services requires 9 inches of loose mulch around the climbing equipment. Department of Education is not as strict on these requirements.


Fire Update from 12/15/19

Please Use the Walkie Talkies outside the doors to let our staff know you are there & use the numbers above only as necessary during the day

1.) Addresses of Relocation Sites (if your child was transitioning to the next class we are going to have them stay with the class they were previously in) = 

Donegal Primary School = 1055 Koser Rd Mount Joy, Pa 17552

Donegal Junior High School (not called "Middle School" as in previous updates) =
915 Anderson Ferry Rd Mount Joy, Pa  17552

2.)  Personal items = Our staff have bagged and labeled items that we could take out of the Center.  These items are on our porch at the Center in grocery bags.  They will be out there until Monday evening, so if you wish to pick them up please do so by then.  As a reminder... most items have a strong smoke smell so please keep that in mind before taking the items into your home & using the bottles/sippy cups is not recommended.

3.) Hours of Operation = Our hours of Operation and Holiday Schedule will remain the same even though we are in the school buildings.  Donegal has graciously allowed up to keep our normal hours of 6:30am - 6pm even when they are not in session.

4.) Donations Needed = We had to throw away all paper products (including books), items containing foam/material, or any items that may absorb smoke.  Because of this our list of needs is extensive.  For now we are going to list the items we need the most for our relocation sites.  As we prepare to move back into our building and have more space, we will post a list of needs again. Before we move back into the building all of the items that are currently being placed in a POD in the parking lot are going to need cleaned before they can go back into the building.  When the time comes we will ask for volunteers to help clean.  So many of you have offered to help and we are SO grateful for your kindness!!!

Items we currently need = 
(Items can be brought to the Open House on Tues 12/17/19 from 4:30 - 6, but please e-mail MIchelle to let her know what you are bringing in advance...we have limited space at the temporary locations)
Baby jumpers/bouncy seats/swings
Books for all ages (0-9)
Bibs/Burp Cloths
Blankets & Crib Sheets
Paper (construction paper, copier paper, butcher paper, paper for the children to draw/paint on)
Coloring books
Large pillows with covers that can be washed for soft reading area
Soft blocks for infants and toddlers
Gallon Size storage bags to put dirty dishes in for parents
paper towels
plastic spoons/forks for snacks
Snacks (infant/toddler & regular)
Dress Up Clothes for all ages
Baby Dolls for all ages (a mixture of ethnicities preferred)
(2) Toddler Walking Ropes 


Tuesday, 12/10/19 Fire Update:

We sincerely apologize for the delay in updating everyone.  There have been a lot of details to figure out since the fire occurred on Sat, so we appreciate your patience!  Due to the extent of the fire/smoke/water damage to the interior of our building we will not be able to use the facility for at least 2 months (possibly up to 6 months).  There is no electric, running water, or phone service at this time.  

By the end of next week we are hoping to have 2 "disposable" phones so families can communicate with us via phone.  As soon as we have these numbers available we will post them on our website.  For now please communicate with Michelle through e-mail.  She will try her best to answer individual e-mails in a timely manner, but cannot guarantee an immediate response during this time of transition.  Please continue to check the website for updates that hopefully answer some of your questions.

Thankfully the Donegal School District has graciously offered to allow us to utilize spaces in their Primary School and the Middle School for as long as we need to!  We are very overwhelmed by the support of our community (especially our First Responders, the Donegal School District, the families we serve, our neighbors,  family/friends & other local child care centers)  We received so many e-mails offering us space/help and cannot thank everyone enough!! 

The children in the Sea Turtle Room, Starfish, & Manatees/School Age will be relocating to the LG room at the Primary School.  Parents/Guardians will be able to use the main entrance of the Primary School and the LG room is to the left when you come in the lobby.  In order to prevent an inconvenience to the school by overwhelming their office staff, 2 way radios will be in a container outside the main entrance (with a note above the container that says, "Kinderhook Early Learning Center") so parents/guardians can notify our staff that you are outside and we can let you in the front door and the LG room.  The main entrance and the LG room are locked at all times for security purposes.

The children in the Shrimps, Guppies, Penguins and Sea Dragons will be in two classrooms in the Middle School. Parents/Guardians will be able to enter the side of the building by the library.  To gain access there will be 2 way radios outside this door as well for our staff to let you in.  Mrs. Heisey (the Middle School Principle) will be creating a map so parents/guardians know where they can park to prevent disruption to the bus traffic flow.  

We will have an Open House at the Primary & Middle Schools from 4:30pm - 6pm next Tuesday, December 17, 2019 so parents/guardians know where and how to drop off their children.

The rest of this week we will be trying to salvage as much as we can from the Center and will begin moving into our temporary location.  Our plan is to have care available in the Primary & Middle Schools by next Wednesday 12/18/19.  Please e-mail Michelle to let us know by this Thurs 12/12/19 whether or not your child will be joining us next week (and what their schedule will be = days & hours), or if they will be returning to us at a later date so we can plan accordingly.

As a heads up... We will not be able to do dishes at the temporary location.  Please bring items your child will need for the day in a diaper bag or backpack labeled with their name.  This bag should contain sippy cups, bowls, spoons, etc that should be taken home every day to be washed.  Infants should have 4 bottles to be used each day and taken home to be washed.  We will have spring water available to make bottles with formula.  Please make sure the bags for the children do not contain anything that may be harmful to the children if they should happen to get into the bags (medication, coins, or anything that could potentially be a choking hazard).

There will not be cubby space for the children.  For older children please bring a backpack for your child each day containing the items they will need (no large pillows for nap time please... travel or small pillows and blankets/crib sheets are fine) Please bring a water bottle (these can be refilled throughout the day) and lunches that do not need to be heated (thermos work well to keep food warm if you would like your child to have a heated meal).  If items need refrigerated please put an ice pack in the lunch bag.  The school is also peanut free, so peanut butter and jelly will not be permitted.

We will not have extra supplies (change of clothes, diaper, cups, etc) for the children as we normally do, so please make sure your child has what they need for the day!

Several families have asked about personal items that were left in the Center... As a heads up, everything left in the Center that was not destroyed has a strong smoke smell.  We are going to bag the items we can salvage and label the bags with the family's name so you can decide if you want them to be discarded.  The restoration company suggested diapers, bottles, sippy cups, no longer be used because they are nearly impossible to clean properly.  

We are still receiving mail at the Center and are periodically checking in, so when we receive Scholastic Book Orders, etc we will make sure parents receive them.  Michelle also has not had a chance to keep up with the accounts, so if you asked about payments we will get back to you on this as soon as we are able to.  We have not deposited the checks that were in the box last Friday because care was not provided for this week.  They were taken out of the Center on Friday because Michelle planned to work on the accounts from home yesterday, so we do have the checks/money orders that were in the cash box. As soon as we figure out how future payments can be made securely and what families owe (or are due) we will update families on our website.

To those of you who offered donations of toys/supplies... Thank you so much! We can definitely use them, but do not have a place to store them until we start moving things over and see what we need.  As soon as we know what our needs are we will put this on our website as well.

We know this is a lot of information for families to take in... Please know that we are doing our absolute best to try to lessen the inconvenience to our families as much as possible which is why we included so many details in this update and why it took us a minute to get it out to everyone. Please note that all of this is only temporary and that we will be back in our newly renovated building in a few short months...We miss all of you already and can't wait to get everyone back together again!

Thank you as always for your support ~ It means so much to our Kinderhook Family!!


Troy & Michelle Patterson

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