Kinderhook Early Learning Center, LLC - Christian Childcare & Early Learning for Ages 6 weeks - 9 years
           New Rates starting September 3, 2018 

Part-time is considered 3 days or less a week at 10 hours a day or less.Full-time is considered 4-5 days a week at 10 hours a day or less.  If children attend the Center more than 10 hours a day an additional fee of $4/hour for every hour or part of an hour over 10 hours will be charged.  Fees are based on 51 weeks per year & vacation week is already calculated in the rate. If the vacation week is not used the weekly fee will be added to tuition at the end of the calendar year.

Age                                      Full Time                                                                Part Time
Group                             Weekly                Monthly                                     Weekly                Monthly        
Infants                         $217                $904                                   $172                $716
(6 weeks - 18 months)             
Tiny Tots                  $196                $816                       $149           $621           (18 months - 3 years)                                         
Pre-School                $190                $791                              $140                 $583
(3years - 4 years)                                               
(When children turn 3 they must be fully potty-trained to receive the 3-year-old tuition decrease)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Pre-School                $181                $754                            $136                 $566
(4 years - 5 years)                                               
(When children turn 4 they must be fully potty-trained to receive the 4-year-old tuition decrease)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kindergarten             $160                $667                                   $95                   $396
(Half Day or Full Week for days off school)                      
& School Age Summer Program
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------School-Age Fees         $93                  $387                                  $72                   $300
(rates above pay for the spot in the room including before/after school, days off school, early dismissal days & free vacation week)

***Rates are reduced according to the child's age (not change of classroom). 
The state requires specific ratios of staff:child according to the age of the youngest child in each group, so we have to charge accordingly. 

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