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January/February 2023 Newsletter

Free Vision Screening: A representative from the Susquehanna Valley Assoc. for the Blind & Visually Impaired will be coming to the Center on Tues. January 10, 2023 to conduct free vision screenings for the children. Paperwork was handed out in advance, so parents could opt out of the screening if they did not like their children to be screened.

Tornado Drill = On Friday, January 27, 2023 we will be practicing our tornado drill around 10:00am. The staff and children will be practicing going to the basement and will be following our emergency plan procedures

(basement entrance = room behind the kitchen)

During the month of February the classrooms will be doing special activities to emphasize the importance of Dental Health.

Valentine's Party = On February 14, 2023 the children will be exchanging Valentines' Day Cards. A list of students in each class will be handed out a week or so before for those who would like to participate.

We will be CLOSED on President's Day (February 20, 2023) for Staff Training

Health Assessments & File Updates:

As a reminder: all children must have proof of a yearly health assessment in their file. When you go for your child's yearly exam please make sure to have your doctor fill out the health assessment form.

Forms can be found on our website under the forms tab.

Every Aug & Feb we ask parents/guardians to look over their child's file to make sure all info is up-to-date. Parents will be asked to sign their child's file on Monday, February 27th between 4-6pm so please save the date. Tuition will be going up 4% in February. Parents will be asked to sign the new agreements on the file update day.

Reading Incentive Program = Every March our Center promotes reading with the children at home by offering an incentive program. A sticker chart will be posted on each classroom door. Our goal is to have children reading 20 minutes per week from March 1, 2023 - March 31, 2023. Each time this goal is completed the children should put a sticker by his/her name on the chart. (More than one sticker can be posted for the week if they read 40 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.) At the end of the 4 weeks (March 31, 2023) we will be having an ice cream sundae party to celebrate!

Annual Preschool Graduation

If your child will be going to kindergarten next year please mark your calendar for our annual Preschool Graduation =

August 17, 2023 at 6:00pm

We know it seems like summer is far away, but we are starting to get phone calls for summer enrollment and we have started the field trip planning! If your child will not be here for the summer, please let us know ASAP so we can let inquiries know if spots are available. New this year = to hold a spot for an extended period of time (after a leave of absence) we are now requiring that the first 4 weeks be paid for before your child goes on a leave of absence instead of just one week.

This fee will also not be refundable if your child does not return.

Important Reminder: Please turn off your car in the parking lot! It is against the law to leave it running…

For delay or closure information please log onto our website: (information will be listed at the top of our homepage)

or (only on the internet - not TV).

For more information on the activities listed in the newsletter

please call Rae Ann (717) 426-0007 or e-mail Michelle (

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