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““As parents we love having our daughter coming to Kinderhook Children's Center. At 10 months old, she would get excited when I took her to the Center every morning. At almost 11 months old now, she has really learned a lot from the staff there. I can tell there is a special bond between the staff and the children. I recommend Kinderhook for every parent who wants their child to get a head start on learning.”

- Marisa's mother

“Our daughter is 27 months old and had been with the same daycare provider since she was 14 weeks old. In mid March 2003 our daycare provider gave her 2 week notice. We were referred to Michelle at Kinderhook Children's Center by my cousin's wife who had worked with Michelle. The referral was such a comfort to us. When we went to visit the Center to learn more, Michelle was friendly and professional. Michelle and her entire staff are wonderful. Our daughter loves to go to “school”. She has learned many different things in the 5 months since she has been there. Michelle and her staff offer many diverse and unique age-appropriate learning experiences. The Kinderhook Children's Center provides a caring and sharing attitude, provides an outlet for spiritual and Christian growth and a great learning environment.”

-The Lyle Family

“My wife and I had to look for another daycare provider for our daughter 4 months ago do to the closing of the daycare she was attending from the time she was 3 months old. We prayed the Lord would point us in the right direction. We wanted to look for a place that would share the same core values as our home. Safe, fun, friendly, educational, and Christian-based. I am happy to say we found that and so much more at the Kinderhook Daycare. The staff is highly knowledgeable, professional and I would highly recommend Kinderhook to anyone who shares the same values we do. From the words of my two year old, “I like chapel time.”

-The Steffy Family

“Dear Miss Michelle: Just a little thank you for being such a wonderful influence on our daughter. We have seen her grow in Christ while in Kinderhook and we are grateful. Please pray for a smooth adjustment for her into kindergarten and thank you for always giving us peace of mind that she is well taken care of!”

-Rita S.

“Dear Michelle & Staff: It's all too often that great people go unnoticed or even thanked for the great job that they do! I'm writing this letter to say THANK YOU and that I think all of you are wonderful! You have helped to make this new transition for our daughter a smooth one! They say that “Actions speak much louder than words.” There is no better feeling than to have your 14 month old daughter CRY when she has to LEAVE daycare! The love & nuturing that our daughter receives at Kinderhook doesn't go unnoticed! Thank You!”

-The Williams Family

“We want to sincerely thank you for all you do for our son. We believe you have all gone above and beyond and are very grateful. It means so much to us that you have embraced ASL (American Sign Language) and can communicate with our son! Thank you so much for your wonderful care, it certainly does not go unnoticed.”

-The Rhodes Family

“Miss Michelle & Teachers: We're grateful for everything you do - our daughter loves coming to “school”.

-The Stevens Family

“Our son truly loves it here. You guys really make this a special place for him, Thank You!”

-Molly J.

“Michelle & Everyone: I'm so happy because you all are so kind and good hearted. God's presence can be felt the moment you drive in the parking lot and all through the daycare. Thank you for your love and kindness.”

-Hannah's grandmother/guardian

“Kinderhook family: I would like to thank you so much for being a part of myself and my son's life. It has been a wonderful experience and as we bring in the New Year I can only wish it gets even better. Thank you so much…“

-Elisha P.

“Dear Michelle & the Staff of Kinderhook: We are so thankful for Kinderhook. We were praying for a place for our daughter and had agreed on a place although neither of us felt great about it. I met one of your staff at my sister-in-laws bridal shower. She told me about Kinderhook. I called and there weren't any openings. A few days later Michelle called and said there was an opening. As soon as we visited we knew this was the place for our daughter. I know it wasn't a coincidence that I met your staff member that day. God answered our prayers. We have been so happy w/Kinderhook!”

-Dombach Family

“Michelle: Just wanted to say thanks… We are especially grateful for the care our daughter receives; we feel she is flourishing & Kinderhook certainly has contributed to that.”

-Laura K.

“Michelle: Thank you for allowing us to interrupt your day every other Thursday for our daughter to have therapy (w/Shreiber Pediatric) at the daycare. We really appreciate all the help we have received from all of the ladies at the daycare. We are glad we decided to bring our daughter to your Center. She is doing well since she has been there.”

-The Berkheimer Family

“To all the wonderful girls (& boy:) at Kinderhook Children's Center. Just a note of thanks for all you have done for our daughter! She has come so far in all aspects of life thanks to you all! I'm so glad she had a chance to experience Kinderhook! We will have many good memories! We are looking forward to our daughter starting kindergarten, but it sure is bittersweet to have her leaving here. Thank you all so kindly!”

-The Stryker Family

“When I look back upon all the wonderful blessings I've received, Kinderhook is at the top of my list. We are so grateful for the loving and stimulating environment you provide. Thank you for being such a positive influence in our son's life.”

-The Grammer Family

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